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OAITH Report: Pet Safety and Women

The Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses recently released a *fantastic* new resource about the "link". Their report, titled Pet Safety and Women: Options for Women with Pets Leaving Abusive Situations, outlines the various opportunities available to women who want to escape violence with their pets.

They list seven options:

  1. On-site, heated kennels for pets.

  2. Pets kept within DV shelter.

  3. Shelter co-ordinates on ad hoc basis with rescue groups, humane societies, fosters, and veterinarians.

  4. Shelter assists with finding known foster in survivor's social group.

  5. Shelter creates and maintains formal arrangement with local animal rescues, veterinarians, or humane societies for fostering.

  6. Fosters are arranged through Ontario Veterinary Medical Association SafePet programs- such as Link Toronto's SafePet Program, or SafePet Ottawa.

  7. Pet is permanently surrendered and housed elsewhere.

Please click the title above to read the entire report, and consider donating to Link T.O.'s SafePet Program to help us keep doing the work we do for survivors of domestic violence and their pets!

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