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Partnering with Red Door Family Shelter!!!

​We are excited to announce our partnership with Red Door Family Shelter in Toronto! This amazing organisation operates as a not-for-profit charity, and has been providing shelter to families seeking refuge since the early 80's.

Red Door’s VAW shelter works with a diverse population of women and children who are fleeing domestic violence. Not only do these families receive basic necessities during their time at the shelter, they also have access to extensive programming that helps survivors reintegrate safely into communities where they can live with stability and support.

Service providers who work closely with survivors of domestic violence know that when a woman escapes her abuser, she is forced to leave so much behind. Link T.O.'s SafePet program was established to make sure that beloved pets don’t have to be left behind. We will continue to establish relationships with VAW shelters in the GTA until we can make it possible for all survivors in the GTA to leave with their pets.

Link Toronto is proud to be connected with Red Door, and we were thrilled to see our program in their Spring 2018 Newsletter! If you're feeling inspired by the strength of these survivors, please consider donating to Link T.O. so that we can keep on providing support for survivors and their pets!

If you are a woman experiencing abuse who would like to use our SafePet Program, please click here to learn more about it.

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