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LocalLove for Link T.O.!

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LocalLove, powered by the United Way, is dedicated to providing content that offers resources for living well and giving back to the community. This incredible website + newsletter not only tackles important topics, debates, and ideas, but they also highlight the change-makers who are positively impacting the Greater Toronto Area.

So, you can imagine how excited we are to share that has featured our SafePet program in one of their articles! Just like, reaching out to the community is very important to Link T.O., we believe that the more connected we are, the more we can work together to end violence and abuse! Thank you to Daniela Payne for writing such an informative, thorough, and sensitive article- and to Taryn for courageously speaking about her experience with intimate partner violence.

To see LocalLove’s article "How SafePet helps women leave abusive relationships", click here.

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

  • If you are or know someone who needs to use our SafePet program, learn more on our website here.

  • To sign up and become one of our valuable SafePet fosters, please click here.

  • Support from valued donors allows us to continue providing essential programs in Toronto- such as our SafePet Program. To donate to Link Coalition Toronto, please click here.

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