OAITH Report: Pet Safety and Women

The Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses recently released a *fantastic* new resource about the "link". Their report, titled Pet Safety and Women: Options for Women with Pets Leaving Abusive Situations, outlines the various opportunities available to women who want to escape violence with their pets. They list seven options: On-site, heated kennels for pets. Pets kept within DV shelter. Shelter co-ordinates on ad hoc basis with rescue groups, humane societies, fosters, and veterinarians. Shelter assists with finding known foster in survivor's social group. Shelter creates and maintains formal arrangement with local animal rescues, veterinarians, or humane societies for foste

Partners in Pet Safety: Interval House and Link Toronto

We are so proud to be working with Interval House as one of our SafePet program partners! Interval House was the first domestic violence shelter, joining the program for our launch in December 2017. Interval House has featured our partnership in their latest newsletter. "Knowing that she can’t bring her pet to a shelter, a woman may decide to stay with her abuser if she believes leaving could harm her animal in any way. In an effort to remove this major barrier to seeking safety, the SafePet program was started." Read the full article on their website. Want to help? Please donate and support us as we continue to grow the SafePet program in the GTA. If you are a woman experiencing abuse who w

Opinion: Animals Deserve Better

We have quoted Dr. Amy Fitzgerald's research many times throughout our work. This time, she has co-authored an opinion article with Kendra Coulter in the Toronto Star about the need to better protect animals in our province. The importance of animal protection as it links to human violence is why Link Coalition Toronto was founded. Click here to learn more about "the link." Eight puppies found in a garbage bag in a ditch and rescued by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in 2016. (OSPCA) The article rightly states - "A larger and thoughtful conversation about how to strengthen our antiquated and pitiful animal cruelty laws, and the best methods for their enforcement

New Article: "Canaries in the Coal Mine"

Our Executive Director recently published an article in the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts - Ontario Chapter (AFCC-O) newsletter. Aimed at educating professionals who work with families in the court system (mediators, lawyers, social workers, judges), she proposed four actions that individuals can take in order to address the "link" in their work: 1. Ask about animal abuse, and look for it. Batterers will often go to great lengths to hide their behaviour from outsiders, but this is not always the case with their abuse of animals. Survivors of IPV and child abuse are sometimes more willing to talk about animal maltreatment than abuse directed at themselves. This can open up a l

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