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She Does the City connects with our founder, Hayley, about Link T.O.'s beginnings, the now, and our goals for the future.

Partnering with Red Door Family Shelter!!!

​We are excited to announce our partnership with Red Door Family Shelter in Toronto! This amazing organisation operates as a not-for-profit charity, and has been providing shelter to families seeking refuge since the early 80's. Red Door’s VAW shelter works with a diverse population of women and children who are fleeing domestic violence. Not only do these families receive basic necessities during their time at the shelter, they also have access to extensive programming that helps survivors reintegrate safely into communities where they can live with stability and support. Service providers who work closely with survivors of domestic violence know that when a woman escapes her abuser, she is

Walking the path of gender-based violence

A girl walks back from her friend’s house at night. She makes her way home, walking through neighborhoods that are lively and unassuming during the day, but quiet and seemingly more daunting at night. She perks up at the sound of every car that drives by, rustling in the grass and person she crosses paths with—her pace quickens. It is second nature to constantly be reassessing her surroundings, and she finally feels relief when she is safely inside her home. Did you think something bad might happen to her? So did she. Many women live in fear of their safety. Many feel the unblinking male gaze resting on their bodies. Sure, there is comforting words for those who do receive negative, unwanted

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We are proud to be part of the SafePet Ontario network.