Animal Abuse and Gun Violence: The Red Flag We Shouldn't Ignore

In 2018, the topic seen so frequently in the public eye is that of gun violence. The western world has experienced several highly publicized mass shootings, and when a former student of Marjory Stoneman Douglas Highschool open fired an AR-15 rifle in the school, killing 17 of his peers, the debate on gun control was once again thrust into the spotlight. In Canada, we are no stranger to these tragedies either--we just suffered the loss of two citizens after a man opened fire in Toronto’s popular Greektown neighborhood on a Sunday evening. In fact, CityNews recently reported that Toronto’s downtown has seen an 167% increase in gun violence since last year. It is worth noting that mass shooting

Femicide and the Modern Woman

In Link T.O.’s June 5, 2018 blog post titled “Walking the path of Gender-Based violence,” we wrote about Women’s Shelters Canada and their petition for the Canadian government to commit to a National Action Plan on Violence Against Women. Recently, Women's Shelters Canada posted an update to inform the public that in 2018, at least 78 women and girls were killed in Canada (read the update here). This number was reported by the Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice and Accountability, an organization that tracks and highlights Canadian femicide statistics, and aims to prevent further deaths by engaging in research and knowledge exchange. "Femicide"is a term used to describe the intention

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