Domestic Violence in the Age of Technology

Technology serves as an extension of ourselves. From our devices we can communicate with others from any distance, keep an eye on our homes, play music, navigate traffic, share photos…the list goes on! In many cases, technology has helped us expand our networks and develop deeper connections with the global community. However, the darker side of these tech advances is their potential to become tools for isolation and manipulation. Specifically, technology adds a unique component to domestic violence (DV), and is a reminder that intimate partner violence is not always physical. Recently, the New York Times published an article interviewing DV survivors and exploring the ways in which "smart"

Link T.O. on CTV's "Whats Your Story?"

Part of our mission is to get the word out about "the link" and to provide support for survivors of abuse. Last week, co-founders Hayley and Yvonne were interviewed by Michelle Dubé for a feature on CTV News Toronto's "Whats Your Story?" Click here to watch the clip and to read more about our work. Thank you so much to Michelle, Katherine and CTV News for helping us spread our story! To donate to Link Coalition Toronto, please click here; Follow and Like our Facebook and Instagram pages for more updates on "the link"!

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